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Are Platform Doors Coming to the New York City Subway?

Train and subway doors serve a very important safety purpose. They prevent passengers and workers from falling out of the train and getting hit by a train. Could doors on the subway platforms perform a similar function? Could they prevent people from falling on to the subway tracks?

The MTA is considering installing more mechanical doors on subway platforms to prevent people from falling or being pushed onto the tracks. Similar doors are already used in some locations. AirTrain platforms already use the technology as do train stations in other cities such as Paris, Tokyo and London.

As a New York FELA attorney, I am concerned about the number of people hit on train and subway tracks each year, and I am interested in this proposed solution by the MTA. However, before the MTA implements any new safety features, it is important that they do not create other unintended problems. For example, what happens if someone is standing in the doorway while the doors close and the train pulls away? What happens if someone is pushed into the doors?

While the MTA considers new solutions to the problem, it is likely that more people will be hurt or killed when they fall onto the tracks. If you have been hurt, or if a loved one has been killed, please contact a New York railroad lawyer at 1-800-362-9329 for more information about your rights. 

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