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Have You Been Injured on Someone Else’s Property? Learn More About Your Potential Rights to Recovery

When an injury occurs on someone else's property, that person or entity can be held responsible. This responsibility is referred to as premises liability.

Premises liability is a broad area of law in the field of personal injury claims. These types of cases involve accidents that occur due to some form of negligence, which results in injuries. Property owners and business establishments have a duty to provide a safe environment, which often they fail to do because of laziness, inattention or just plain stupidity.

The following are examples of premises liability cases we handle:

Slip and fall: A fall accident can occur when there is a slippery substance on the ground, broken stairs, uneven floor or objects in a walkway. The premises owner can be held accountable for these incidents.

Chemical exposure: Tenants or customers, who are exposed to hazardous materials, including lead-based paint, asbestos and mold, can pursue New York or New Jersey premises liability claims. Property owners can be liable for damages, even if they claim that they were unaware of the problem.
Unsafe construction: Any construction on a property needs to be performed safely. When construction workers leave tools out or drop objects from significant heights, it can result in serious injuries.

Inadequate security: Claims have been made against apartment buildings, malls, hotels and other businesses that knew about crime problems, but did not take measures to protect customers. Property owners and managers are supposed to make sure tenants, guests and customers are as safe as possible from criminals or intruders. Having inadequate security, such as not enough security guards or weak locks could be grounds for a premises liability suit.

Fires: Nothing is more terrifying than to be trapped in a burning building, and burn injuries are the most painful and scarring, physically and emotionally. Faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, gas appliances and flammable liquids are among the sources of ignition of deadly fires. Your litigation team needs to work with the public authorities and private experts to determine the cause of a fire, and who is responsible.

If you have been injured on someone else's property in New York or New Jersey, the law firm of Hofmann & Schweitzer can help you. Our premises liability lawyers have extensive experience representing these types of cases and know how to get you the compensation in which you are entitled. Contact us at our New York office at 212-465-8840, our New Jersey office at 908-393-5662 or Toll Free at 800-362-9329.

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