The time following a physical attack or sexual assault is often physically painful and emotionally traumatic. You may incur medical bills and time lost from work, and the person who attacked you may be unable to reimburse you for your injuries.

The person who attacked you may not be the only one liable for your injuries, however. You should consider contacting a New Jersey or New York premises liability lawyer to discuss filing a lawsuit against the owner or manager of a property. An inadequate-security lawsuit against a property owner or manager may:

  1. Provide you with the money that you need to recover from your physical and emotional injuries.
  2. Force the property owner or manager to fix the security problems that led to your injury and to take security issues more seriously in the future.
  3. Warn other property owners and managers to fix potential security problems.

You have the ability to prevent others from suffering the same physical and emotional injuries that you have suffered while at the same time recovering damages for your own injuries. Call the New York and New Jersey premises liability attorneys of Hofmann & Schweitzer today at 1-800-362-9329 to discuss your potential recovery.

Dario Chinigo
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Attorney Dario Chinigo has over twenty years of experience in personal injury litigation serving NY and NJ.
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