The black metal fire escape is an iconic part of New York City architecture. Whether you are looking at pictures from a century ago or pictures taken just moments ago, many of the fire escapes look the same. Yet, despite how fire escapes are often used and portrayed in movies, they are not outdoor balconies. They are not places for singing or dancing. Instead, they are important safety features designed to protect people in case of fire. However, in order for New York City fire escapes to help when a fire occurs, they must be safe to use.

NYC Property Owners Should Know if Fire Escapes are Safe

New York City property owners are responsible for making sure that their buildings are up to code and have reasonable safety features, such as fire escapes, in place. Additionally, New York City ordinances require the regular inspection of fire escapes.

Yet, the safety of many New York City fire escapes is in question. Of particular concern are:

  • Loose bolts
  • Missing parts
  • Rusted metal

Some New York City fire escapes are 50 – 100 years old. Loose bolts, missing parts, and rusting metal can make fire escapes dangerous when they are needed to escape the imminent danger of a fire. Regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent tragedies from occurring. Additionally, many newer buildings are choosing to install fireproof internal staircases instead of fire escapes as added fire protection.

Contact an Experienced New York Premises Liability Lawyer if You’re Hurt

If you have been hurt in a New York City fire or while escaping on a New York City fire escape, then it is important to contact an experienced New York City premises liability attorney today for a free consultation about your rights. You can reach the experienced New York personal injury lawyers of Hofmann & Schweitzer at 1-800-362-9329 or via our online contact form.

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