Construction Accident at Berth 6 in Port Newark, NJ at a Trevcon Construction

An investigation by Hofmann & Schweitzer has begun into a construction accident at Berth 6 in Port Newark, NJ at a Trevcon Construction site. The incident occurred when the workers were pulling piles into position using an excavating machine and cable spreaders. Once the piles were in the desired position they were anchored by chains to a concrete bulkhead. There was a tremendous strain on the cables and chains and the anchors were bending. It is believed the chain anchor gave way striking a construction worker in the back causing him to be thrown to the float stage. The method of operation was extremely dangerous. The Port Authority, who owns the property, and Trevcon are conducting their own investigation into the incident. It is important to contact a competent construction accident lawyer as soon as possible so that we may conduct our own investigation with the interests of the injured worker protected.

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