Fall injuries suffered during construction work can be quite severe. After suffering such injuries, a construction worker may be very worried about their own future and their family’s future. Construction accident attorneys can advise victims of construction falls on their rights and on what legal options may be able to help with protecting their and their family’s financial future in regards to the ramifications of their injures.

Among the types of serious injuries construction workers can suffer in falls are impalement injuries. One of the things commonly found on construction sites that can create impalement risks is rebar.

There are various things that can be done to reduce the chances of rebar-related impalement injuries occurring at a construction site. One is taking solid general fall prevention steps. Things that can help with preventing falls at construction sites include workers who will be working at heights being given proper training regarding fall prevention, appropriate fall prevention equipment being used and good workplace policies being put in place regarding things like working from heights.

The main rebar-related thing that can pose impalement risks at construction sites is when there is a protruding rebar end present at a site. So, properly addressing such ends is important at construction sites. Having proper guards placed on such ends or bending the ends over so they aren’t upright are among the things that can help reduce the impalement risks such ends can pose.

One hopes all construction companies here in New York will show vigilance when it comes to preventing rebar-related injuries and other fall-related impalement injuries, given how devastating impalement injuries can be.

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