Boating While Distracted Can Be Deadly

When you get behind the driver’s wheel of a boat, the feeling of freedom can be invigorating. You may be facing miles of open water, with no obstacles and nothing to get in the way of smoothly gliding across the surface. Unfortunately, the truth is that many of the same dangers that exist on New York’s streets are also found in the state’s waterways. One of the most dangerous may not be apparent until it is too late: distracted driving. At Hofmann and Schweitzer, we want you to be safe whether you are on the road or out to sea, which is why we have compiled some information about distracted boat driving.


The illusion that you will not encounter any obstacles when you are on open water is a false one. Rocks, sandbars and downed trees can be lurking just beneath the surface, causing you to crash or inflicting damage on your boat. If you are not paying attention, you will be less likely to notice these things until you are struck.


Crowded bodies of water are even more dangerous, with many other boats zooming by, all attempting to safely pass each other. If you or a driver around you becomes distracted, the result could be deadly. Boaters are generally not wearing helmets or other protective gear and can be seriously injured in the event of a crash.


Many of the same reasons you can become distracted in a car exist on the water. You could be texting or talking on a phone, eating, looking away or using the internet, but all could lead to the same dangerous situations. For more information about the dangers distracted boat drivers create, visit our web page.

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