You are ready. You are planning to fight hard for your fair and just recovery from your burn injuries, but you anticipate that the person responsible for the fire is going to fight equally as hard to defend himself.

Now is not the time to panic. Instead, it is time to build a strong case that will make it difficult for the defendant to avoid paying your damages.

Expert Witnesses Can Help You Do This

Expert witnesses can provide important testimony to strengthen your case. If you've been burned in a fire, you and your attorney may want to consider using some of the following expert witnesses:

  • An accident investigator. An accident investigator can look at all possible causes of the fire and testify as to why the fire started.
  • An electrician. If the fire was caused by faulty wiring, an electrician may also help identify the cause of the fire and testify about what a reasonable electrician would have done when installing or fixing the wires.
  • A safety inspector. A safety inspector may testify about whether any regulations or local ordinances were breached and whether the property owner was out of compliance with safety standards at the time of the fire.
  • A doctor. A doctor may testify about the extent of your injuries, what treatments you require, and how your injuries may impact you in the future.
  • An economist or someone else who can testify about your lost wages. An economist or other expert can help attach a concrete dollar figure to the amount of money you have lost if you are unable to work or will be unable to work in the future.

Together, these experts can help you build a case that is difficult to refute and they can help you get the damages you deserve. Other experts may also be useful depending on the unique facts of your case. For more tips on how to build a strong case after a fire or explosion leaves you with burn injuries, please follow our fire and explosion injury blog.

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