There are many different types of scaffolds that can be used in construction. Each different type of scaffold has unique safety considerations related to it. In today's post, we will discuss safety issues regarding a scaffold type that's use is pretty popular and widespread in construction: ladder jack scaffolds.

A ladder jack scaffold uses portable ladders and ladder jacks (triangle-shaped brackets) to allow for a work platform to be in an elevated position. In such scaffolds, portable ladders serve as the supports for the platform. Such scaffolds are generally very portable, adaptable and quick to erect/dismantle.

Examples of things safety concerns can come up in connection to when it comes to these types of scaffolds include:

  • The portable ladders used as platform supports. Various things about such ladders can impact how safe a ladder jack scaffold is, including the condition of the ladders, where the ladders are placed, what surface the ladders are set up on, what material the ladders are made of and how the ladders are secured.
  • The scaffold's work platform. Things that could create safety risks when it comes to such platforms include: the platform being elevated too high, the platform being too narrow or the platform being bridged with other platforms.
  • The ladder jacks. It is very important for the ladder jacks used in a scaffold to be in good condition and properly secured. When they aren't, it could create risks of the scaffold failing.

So, there are many important safety issues to keep in mind when it comes to the choosing of, maintenance of, inspection of and setting up of these components of a ladder jack scaffold.

When a ladder jack scaffold fails, the workers using the scaffold can suffer significant injuries. Just as the specific aspects of a given type of scaffold can impact what safety issues come up in connection to the scaffold, the specifics of a given scaffold accident can have impacts on what legal issues could come up for a worker hurt in the accident in their efforts to be fairly compensated for their injuries. Experienced construction accident lawyers can assist workers hurt in ladder jack scaffold accidents or other scaffold incidents with addressing the specific compensation-related issues their accident raises.

Source: Occupational Safety and Health Administration, "OSHA FactSheet - Ladder Jack Scaffolds," Accessed May 20, 2016

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