Explosion at a Construction Site During a DemolitionExplosives are a valuable resource in the construction industry. A team of human workers would take months to level a building by hand, but can accomplish the same task with a five-second demolition by explosives. While explosives are integral to speeding up construction projects, it does not mean the laying or detonation process should be rushed—and if safety is overlooked, explosions can have unpredictable or fatal results.

Examples of Faulty Demolition on a Construction Site

Tight timelines and budget concerns can lead contractors or site owners to cut corners, placing the lives of the workers at risk. Employers, site owners, and contractors could all be held responsible for accidents involving:

  • Premature detonation. An explosion occurring too early is a common cause of demolition injuries on construction sites. Early detonation can cause a worker to fall unexpectedly from a height, result in shrapnel injuries, or even cause the untimely death of a worker.
  • Uncontrollled collapse. Careful calculations must be made to determine when and where building materials will fall. An uncontrolled collapse can send large chunks of falling debris such as concrete, beams, and pipes onto the workers below.
  • Poor planning. No matter how large or small the demolition project, the process must follow a standardized sequence of events in order to prevent injuries. Contractors and site owners can be liable if steps are skipped in order to speed up the process.
  • Faulty explosives. Equipment suppliers, product manufacturers, and other third parties could be liable if the explosion starts an unexpected fire or releases dangerous toxins into the air.
  • Safety violations. Explosives must be installed and detonated by experienced professionals in accordance with state, federal, and local safety procedures. An employer or third party may be liable if detonation activities violated OSHA regulations, the New York State Industrial Code, or other safety standards.

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