As a railroad employee, you've likely heard all the excuses in the book as to why safety violations occur on your jobsite or why your employer is refusing to make changes to keep you safe. Here are a few of our "favorites" that our New York FELA lawyers would like to officially debunk.

"I didn't know about that regulation." We're willing to give your employer the benefit of the doubt and assume that despite various trainings, inspections and government guidance that your employer truly didn't know about the regulation. Even if that is true, your employer should be taking immediate and specific steps to fix the railroad safety violation once you bring it to his attention.

"You have nothing to worry about. Don't you trust me?" Trust has nothing to do with it. Your employer should not be asking for your blind trust. You have the right to know whether your employer is complying with applicable safety requirements and whether you are in any danger. If your employer is not willing to answer your specific safety questions, then you may be concerned about the steps your employer is taking to keep you safe.

"That safety provision is too costly." Expense is not an excuse to opt out of required railroad safety regulations. Additionally, even if the safety provision is costly it is unlikely to be as costly as the legal exposure your employer faces for knowingly ignoring safety regulations that could've prevented injuries.

If you've heard any of those excuses, or others, and suffered a railroad accident injury, then please call 1-800-362-9329 today to speak with an experienced New York FELA attorney about your rights and potential recovery. 

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