It Seems Like the Insurance Adjuster Is Trying to Blame Me for My Fall When I Am the Victim. Why?

In many cases, it does seem like the insurance adjuster is trying to blame you, the victim, for your own injuries. Many adjusters or agents will even ask you questions to try and get you to admit that the accident was at least partly your fault. The reason for these questions is simple. The adjuster's employer (the insurance company) makes money by paying you as little money as possible. If the accident was your fault, then the insurance company may not legally owe you damages for your injuries.

As a New York slip and fall attorney, I advise you to take specific steps in order to prevent the insurance company from playing this game and blaming you for injuries that someone else caused. It is important to be aware of the game that is being played and not to say anything damaging to the insurance agent. In fact, it is better to direct the agent to your New York slip and fall lawyer. Call a lawyer today at 1-800-362-9329 for more information.

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