You have one overriding concern after a New Jersey or New York construction accident. You have to get help. Immediately, you may need to see a doctor about your physical injuries. You may also need to see a New York construction accident lawyer about your financial injuries. Your primary concern is not reporting a construction accident, nor is it making sure that your employer properly reported your construction accident.

Yet, Proper Reporting of a Construction Accident is Important for Several Reasons.

Specifically, it is important for construction accident injuries to be reported to your employer and applicable local, state and federal government agencies because:

  • Your potential recovery may be impacted for failure to report an accident. If you do not tell your supervisor or other appropriate representative of your employer that you have been hurt in a timely fashion, then your financial and legal recovery may be negatively impacted for failing to make the report.
  • You and your colleagues may be safer if accurate information is collected about non-fatal construction accidents. When accidents are reported, government agencies can analyze how construction workers are getting hurt and develop further regulations, guidelines, or laws to help prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.
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