You've been a loyal employee. So loyal in fact that your job responsibilities have caused you to suffer the painful and significant condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. You want to trust that the railroad to which you've been so loyal will return that loyalty and pay you the damages that you deserve for your work related injuries.

Historically, many railroads have failed to match the loyalty of injured workers. Instead, over the past decade there have been instances where railroads have surreptitiously taken DNA samples from workers and, without the consent of the workers, have sent the samples out for genetic testing. The purpose of the genetic testing was to attempt to prove that the workers were predisposed to developing carpal tunnel and to avoid paying damages to injured workers.

If you suspect that your employer has conducted genetic testing without your consent, or if you have suffered damages related to your carpal tunnel syndrome, then we encourage you to contact an experienced New York and New Jersey railroad lawyer to discuss filing a FELA carpal tunnel claim.

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