Construction workers face a wide range of risks in the course of completing their duties. While construction work is among the most dangerous occupations, the risk is increased when workers get off the ground.

Working at a height of even six feet off the ground greatly increases the chances of a serious injury. Many jobs require workers to complete tasks on ladders, scaffolds or other raised platforms. If the proper protocols are not followed, the result can be serious or even fatal injuries.

Risks of working at height

Work off the ground is a danger to the worker and to those around him or her. They include:

  • Falls
  • Objects dropped from above
  • Equipment failure
  • Vertigo and tool injuries caused by loss of balance

The most obvious danger for workers is to fall from a ladder or elevated work area. These falls can result in broken bones, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. These injuries are mitigated by proper training and use of harnesses, helmets and other safety equipment.

Falling objects can injure construction workers, as well as passers-by. It is important to maintain a secure and well-organized work site to prevent these accidents.

Ladders and scaffolding can collapse if they are not used and maintained properly. There are extensive safety regulations concerning the proper use of scaffolding on New York construction sites.

A momentary loss of balance can be catastrophic when suffered by a worker operating construction equipment. Safety equipment, including proper eye protection, is vital when operating certain tools.

Who is responsible for safety at a construction site?

Safety guidelines exist to ensure that workers are not exploited and exposed to unnecessary danger. If you see something unsafe at your construction site, you owe it to yourself and your fellow workers to speak up. The construction company handling the job is responsible for the safety training and equipment of the workers. It has responsibilities that cannot be ignored when it comes to promoting a healthy work environment. Negligent construction companies are responsible for many of the injuries suffered by workers.

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