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Construction sites are active workplaces that can involve employees from many different companies, unions, or government agencies. Construction crews often work shoulder-to-shoulder with workers under the employ of multiple contractors, making it difficult to know which party’s actions directly led to an injury. Our construction accident attorneys work diligently to determine the at-fault party, helping you recover all you are owed for your economic losses and pain and suffering.

What to Expect in Your Third-Party Construction Accident Claim

A third-party work injury claim is a civil lawsuit against someone other than your employer. This could be anyone on the site the day of the injury, a negligent subcontractor, the manufacturer of a defective product, or an owner who failed to make the site safe for workers.

When you meet with us, we will:

  • Listen to your story and address your immediate concerns. It can take time to get you all that you are owed for your injury. We can discuss ways to pay bills while your case is pending, including filing for workers’ compensation, as well as protecting you from employer retaliation.
  • Investigate on your behalf. Workers are often too injured to collect evidence after an accident on the job. Unfortunately, a lot of evidence can be lost in the days and weeks after the incident. We will take steps to prevent the destruction of evidence, find out who was in charge of the location at the time of the accident, and discover what was happening on the site leading up to your injury.
  • Take legal matters off your plate. Your chief concern should be your own well-being. While you concentrate on your recovery, our team will examine all possible avenues of compensation based on the evidence we have collected, including determining the proper third-party to name in the lawsuit.
  • Fight for you until you get adequate compensation. Once our investigation is complete, we contact the liable party and file insurance claims to demand a fair payment for your suffering. If the at-fault party or insurer is unwilling to negotiate a fair settlement, our trial attorneys will prepare to take your case to court.

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