Salem Massachusetts WInd Energy Turbine Offshore


Wind energy development is moving forward in Salem, Massachusetts. Crowley Corporation has completed the purchase of 42 acres of land in Salem, redeveloping a property containing a decommissioned old coal fired plant. Construction of the offshore wind terminal is expected to start in summer 2023, with the terminal complete in 2025.


The Salem Harbor Wind Terminal is a public-private partnership between Crowley and the City of Salem, with Avangrid, Inc., the energy services and delivery company, serving as the port’s anchor tenant through its Commonwealth Wind Project, slated to provide 1,232MW of clean energy, and Park City Wind projects.


The Park City lease area is located at least 22 miles off the coast of Massachusetts on the outer continental shelf in the midst of the strongest winds on the east coast. It will provide almost 1000 MW of renewable energy to the residents of Connecticut. The terminal will be a logistics and operations center for turbine pre-assembly, transportation, staging activities and storage of assembly components.


Crowley Wind Services, the company’s business unit dedicated to helping develop clean wind energy resources, will operate the terminal. More than 800 jobs are expected to be created in support of the construction and staging of wind projects and daily operations.