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If you've been injured while working your maritime job, chances are you have several troubling concerns that keep you up at night. Questions like:

  • How will I pay for medical bills after suffering a maritime injury?
  • What if I can no longer provide for my family?
  • Why isn't my maritime employer concerned about my injuries?
  • What if a co-worker gets injured in the same manner at sea?
  • Is the low-ball offer the insurance adjuster presented really all my injuries are worth?
  • Does my claim fall under the Jones Act?
  • Do I need to speak with an admiralty lawyer?

What Does Admiralty Law Entail?

Admiralty law governs a variety of maritime issues and seamen disputes. Injured maritime workers and their attorneys typically look to past legal cases to help define how admiralty law can help employees and workers receive the compensation they deserve following a work-related injury.  Just some of the maritime areas covered by admiralty law include:

  • Workers performing marine commerce such as fishermen
  • Ship employees of all types of vessels
  • Maritime salvage workers such as employees hired to recover a vessel and its cargo following a shipwreck

Employers and their insurance companies will likely attempt to dispute an injured workers' right to file a claim under admiralty law to avoid having to pay for your injuries and the consequences. Even if you aren’t sure if you are eligible, an experienced attorney can help you fully understand the law and help demonstrate you qualify for compensation.

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"Since 1977 we have represented injured maritime workers and seamen across the globe, building an exceptional track record of verdicts and settlements. We know how the insurance companies work and fight diligently to ensure employers are held accountable by paying the maximum amount for your maritime injuries." 

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Nationwide Admiralty lawyersIt's crucial to speak with an experienced admiralty lawyer as soon as possible following a maritime injury, whether it be on the docks or offshore. Although admiralty laws have been created to ensure seamen and maritime workers would be protected if injured while working, the law includes many nuances and definitions that can certainly have a negative impact on your settlement. Waiting for your employer to begin the workers' compensation process is a huge mistake as evidence of your maritime accident may be compromised. Being proactive not only lets the insurance adjusters know you mean business, it's also your best bet to ensure the protection of your family's financial well-being.

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