What Are Your Legal Rights Following A Maritime Injury

If you've been injured at your maritime job you have questions that demand skillfully guided answers. How do you with insurance adjusters? Does your employer really have your best interests in mind? How can you recover from injuries that weren't even your fault? Who can you  trust? And of course, there's the biggest question of all—Who Is Going To Pay For Your Medical Bills?

Luckily, help is available.

The Attorneys Of Hofmann & Schweitzer Wrote The Book On Maritime Accident Injuries

Maritime work related accident cases are complex, and the last thing you should do is attempt to settle your claim alone. Our experienced legal team have created a FREE guide to help you maximize your recovery following a maritime accident. 

What You Need To Know About Your Maritime Injury

In this easy to read publication you'll learn :

  • About The Jones Act
  • Whether You Are A Seaman
  • The Potential Compensation To Which You May Be Entitled
  • How To Protect Your Rights
  • And More!

Hofmann & Schweitzer Is Here To Answer All Your Work Injury Questions.

Construction Injury Lawyers Hofmann & Schweitzer

"Since 1977 we have represented injured New York maritime workers, building an exceptional track record of verdicts and settlements. We know how the insurance companies work and fight diligently to ensure employers are held accountable by paying the maximum amount for your injuries." 

- The Experienced Maritime Accident Lawyers of Hofmann & Schweitzer

How To Get Your FREE Copy Of  "The Legal  Rights Of Injured Seamen, Dockbuilders, Dredgemen And Other Commercial Mariners".

Simply complete the request form at the top of this page and get started on learning everything you need to know about how to settle your maritime injury case for the amount you deserve. We will immediately provide you with this valuable information and will also make ourelves available for a free consultation regarding your accident injury.

For several decades we've been representing injured workers just like you and are happy to help you with your case. 

I've Been Hurt At My Maritime Job And Have Questions

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