You like your employer, and you trust your supervisor. You have never had any reason to doubt the advice that they’ve given nor have they given you any reason to believe that they have anything but your best interests at heart. It can, therefore, be tempting to agree to whatever they say at the scene of a construction accident and in the immediate aftermath. However, our NY and NJ construction accident lawyers want you to be aware of certain things that you should refuse to do until you have spoken to an experienced construction injury lawyer.

Don’t Do These Three Things Just Because Your Employer Asks

After your New York or New Jersey construction injury, your employer, or an insurance adjuster, may pressure you to:

  1. Go back to work too early. This can jeopardize both your physical recovery and your legal recovery.
  2. Accept an insurance settlement quickly and perhaps without the benefit of a construction attorney’s review. The insurance settlement offer may not fairly compensate you for all of your past, current and future accident injuries. It is important to make sure the settlement is fair before agreeing to it, as you will likely be unable to get any more money in the future once a binding settlement has been made.
  3. Provide a recorded statement. What you say in this statement can and likely will be used against you in the future. Instead of providing a recorded statement, you may wish to direct the person requesting such a statement to your lawyer.

Of course, you should also refuse to do anything else that makes you uncomfortable.

Call a Construction Attorney to Learn More

For more information about protecting your rights and getting the recovery that you deserve, we encourage you to contact an experienced New Jersey construction accident lawyer today at 1-800-362-9329 and to read our FREE information brochure, Hurt in a Construction Accident? You’re Not Alone.

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