Steel Worker on a Construction SiteStructural iron and steel workers have some of the most physically demanding jobs on construction sites. The installation of steel beams and girders needed to support high-rise buildings, bridges, and commercial structures requires skilled work at high elevations, posing a risk of serious or even fatal injuries.

Common Injuries Suffered by Iron and Steel Workers on Construction Sites

As their work typically involves working several feet above the ground, it’s no surprise that falls are one of the biggest causes of iron worker injury. Steel workers may lose their balance, slip on wet or icy surfaces, or lose their grip due to exposure to the elements, causing a fall that results in catastrophic injury or death.

Iron and steel workers are also at high risk of:

  • Bone fractures. Broken bones can happen in many different ways on a construction site, including structural collapse, failed hoisting and rigging operations, or unexpected contact with steel columns.
  • Burn injuries. Iron and steel workers are needed to weld bolts and beams into place, increasing the risk of burn injuries from flying sparks.
  • Amputations. Steel workers manipulate many heavy and sharp materials in the course of their daily duties, such as sheet metal, industrial shears, and power tools. All of these objects can cause crush injuries or severe lacerations that may require amputation of a foot, finger, or hands. 
  • Impalement. Metal workers are needed at all stages of construction, and may come into contact with unguarded ends of rebar, forklift tines, and other sharp projections.
  • Struck-by injuries. Iron workers may suffer head and back injuries due to falling tools or materials from higher levels. 
  • Soft-tissue injuries. Even if iron workers are able to avoid sudden accidents, they may still suffer injuries from the physical strain of lifting, bending, and moving heavy objects and equipment.

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