Prior to your construction accident injuries, you may have had every reason to trust your employer. Your employer kept his word and you kept yours. You had no issues. However, now that you have been hurt in a New York construction accident, things may change. Your employer may be making excuses about why certain actions were taken (or not taken) and about the circumstances that led to the accident and your resulting injuries.

Three Excuses Your Employer Could Make

After your accident, an investigation will likely occur that will determine why the accident happened and how you got injured. During that time, your employer may make the following remarks:

  • OSHA doesn’t always know best. OSHA regulations are not merely guidance, but rather requirements. If there was an applicable OSHA regulation then your employer may have been obligated to follow it.
  • The safety precautions that could’ve prevented your accident were too expensive. Cost is not an excuse for failing to implement a required safety precaution.
  • I didn’t know I was supposed to do that. Ignorance is also not a defense for failing to implement a required safety precaution.

It is often best not to engage your employer in conversation about these excuses, but rather to remember them and talk to your New York construction accident lawyer about what they mean.

Call a New York Construction Accident Attorney Today If You’ve Been Hurt

If you have been injured in a New York construction accident then you deserve to know why you were hurt and you deserve to make a fair recovery. For more information, we encourage you to contact an experienced New York construction accident lawyer today at 212-465-8840 or via this website. You can also learn more about what to do to protect your rights after a New York construction accident by reading our FREE brochure, Hurt in a Construction Accident? You’re Not Alone. Hofmann & Schweitzer specializes in personal injury, with emphasis on maritime, railroad and construction worker tort claims, contact us today for a free consultation about your claim. 

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