Was Human Error To Blame For Your Maritime Accident?

Whenever you are involved an accident in the work place in New York, an investigation should be made to determine who was at fault. While often there is an equipment failure or other rare incident, researchers are finding that human error can often be to blame, especially if the accident were to happen while you were at sea. These incidents have been carefully scrutinized by scientists and, according to Business Insurance, shown that in over 75 percent of all maritime accidents, mistakes made by humans are the cause.


Sources state that a large part of the problem is employee training. As a worker, you should be trained to the highest level of quality to ensure that no injuries occur and no lives are lost in the many dangerous situations that can occur in maritime work. One problem is the reduction in training budgets and maintenance that has resulted from economic pressures.


Ship maneuvering and movements are often taught in a simulator to avoid the difficulties of on-site teaching. While helpful in some areas, researchers believe you may not get adequate training from this type of system. Being in a stressful situation on the ship can be entirely different than when you are in a simulator.


While officials realize that there is often one action that leads to an accident, there are usually several contributing factors. For instance, if you have been poorly trained and pushed the wrong lever, this could be due to a lack of organization or company-wide failings. This information is meant to educate and should not be taken as legal advice.


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