Construction Workers by a Brick Wall on a Work SiteAn accident on a construction site may be labeled a tragedy, but the truth is that there is a cause for every one of these incidents. This is especially true for workers hurt or killed by a “sudden” collapse of a wall, as these accidents may have been waiting to happen from the moment the wall was built.

Common Reasons Walls Collapse on Construction Sites

In order to get justice and compensation for the death of a loved one on a construction site, families will need to determine whose negligence led to their relative’s suffering. A wall may have toppled for a number of reasons, including:

  • Unqualified workers. Any construction project that requires stone or brickwork should be done by certified masons. While unlicensed contractors and workers who lack job experience may be less costly, using unskilled workers for specialized jobs puts everyone on the site at risk.
  • Inadequate land surveys. All walls must be placed on level foundations, so soil conditions, shifting ground, and potential rainfall and adverse weather must be taken into account when selecting a building site.
  • Failure to brace retaining walls. Any wall holding back earth, including basements and retaining walls, must meet specific building codes to prevent buckling. Even a wall as low as five feet can shift suddenly, burying workers under heavy piles of brick and cement.
  • Cutting corners on safety. Employers and site owners have an interest in completing work as quickly and cheaply as possible. Cuts may be made by selecting inexpensive materials, skipping safety drills and training, or even placing support beams further apart to save on costs.

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