Recovering Damages When a Loved One is Killed in a Construction Accident

In 2008, New York City reported thirty-one construction-accident fatalities. New Jersey and other parts of New York had additional construction fatalities, and many more construction workers in both states were injured in occupational accidents.

If you have been hurt, or if you have lost a loved one, in a New Jersey or New York construction accident then you may be entitled to damages for your injuries. In order to recover damages, you should report the injury or fatality to your employer and seek the advice of an experienced New Jersey and New York construction injury lawyer.

Your New York and New Jersey construction accident attorney will make sure that you meet all the required deadlines and filing requirements for a worker's compensation claim or wrongful death claim. Possible damages include compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation costs, funeral expenses, and lost income.

It is important not to try to recover damages on your own. Your employer and your employer's insurance company are motivated to provide you with the lowest possible damage award. Instead, hire an experienced advocate who will fight hard for the full and complete financial recovery that you deserve while you take the necessary steps to put your life back together after a construction injury or the death of a loved one.

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