There is a lot about growing older that seems surprising. The stiffness you experience each morning and the exhaustion you feel each night may come as a surprise, for example. Yet, while your 60-something-year-old self may be very different from your 20-something-year-old self, there may be things that you still have in common. You may, for example, still work the same kind of construction job.

Older Construction Workers in New Jersey Need to Know Safety Statistics

If you or a loved one are still working in construction, then it is important to know that:

  • You are not alone. In 2010, the average age of U.S. construction workers was 41.5 years. The average age has increased at least five years since the mid-1980s.
  • Older construction workers are more likely to die, but less likely to get hurt, on the job.
  • Older construction workers are more likely than younger workers to be hospitalized for trip or slip and fall injuries.
  • The median number of days spent out of work after a workplace injury nearly doubles for workers who are aged 65 or older.

You also need to know that you may be able to recover for your New York or New Jersey construction accident injuries.

Call a Construction Accident Lawyer Today to Learn More

If you've been hurt, or if a loved one has been killed, on a New York or New Jersey construction site, then it is important to protect your legal rights and possible recovery. For more information on how to do that, please call an experienced construction accident lawyer today at 212-465-8840 and please read our FREE informational pamphlet, Hurt in a Construction Accident? You're Not Alone.

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