You wear a hard hat, you attend safety trainings, and you are generally careful on the job. Why then do you have to know more about possible Manhattan construction head injuries? The answer is simple: head injuries can be catastrophic. They can change your life forever. Thus, it is important to understand if you are at risk, to be prepared and to know what to do if you’re hurt.

5 Risks of Manhattan Construction Site Head Injuries

Of course, this list is not all-inclusive. If you have suffered a head injury on a Manhattan construction site then it is important to know what to do next regardless of how your injury occurred.

What to Do If You Are Injured

After you get medical help, it is important to contact a lawyer. Your attorney can advise you of your rights, make sure that you are pursuing the right claim, and take over settlement negotiations for you so that you can focus on your legal and financial recovery. Depending on the circumstances of your case this could include compensation for your past, current and future medical expenses, a portion of or all of your lost income and other damages.

Construction work is inherently dangerous, yet it is critical to our city. If you’ve been hurt then you deserve the full protection of the law. Please browse the FREE resources available on our website to learn more.

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