What you need to know about nail gun accidents

If you work on a New York construction site, you probably use or are around nail guns at some point during the day. These seemingly harmless tools can cause severe damage, sometimes creating dangerous circumstances and inflicting costly injuries. We at Hofmann and Schweitzer understand how serious these incidents can be, but also how difficult it can be to report. Here are some tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about nail gun accidents.

First, it is important to realize that the type of gun you use can put you in more danger. A “contact” trigger is two times more likely to lead to injury than a “sequential” trigger gun. If you are using a contact trigger, a slight bump can lead to a big injury. If possible, choose to use a sequential trigger nail gun to reduce the chances of any accidents.

Next, understand that nail gun accidents are probably more common than you think. These dangerous tools land 37,000 people in the emergency room each year. Some workers feel that they do not need to report incidents if they do not lead to severe injuries, but making a record of the accident can lead to better safety regulations for workers across the state.

Nail gun accidents have led to injuries and death. Even if you only have a small cut, infection can breed and create a bigger problem. Being hit with a nail in a vulnerable area can also lead to extensive bleeding or damaged organs. You can learn more about this by visiting our web page about nail gun accidents.

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