The damage has been done. There is currently no medical cure for silicosis. You can’t go back and undo the harm that has been done to your lungs. As your doctor works to slow down the progression of your disease and/or make you more comfortable, you may wonder what else you can do. How can you stand up for yourself? How can you protect other construction workers from suffering similar fates? What can you do for family?

You Can Still Make a Difference

You may have trouble breathing, you may be unable to work, and you may be limited in your daily activities, but you are still alive. You can still fight for justice. Yet while this is your fight, it is not one that you have to wage on your own. Instead, you can call a New York City construction lawyer and seek your lawyer’s help in recovering damages. Damages, even at this stage of your life, can have a profound impact and could:

  • Help you live comfortably. The medical attention, services, and help that you need may be expensive and not completely covered by insurance but legal damages can help you get the resources that you need.
  • Protect your family financially. Without your income and with your medical bills, your family’s finances may be destroyed. However, legal damages can help replace lost income and cover your medical expenses so that your family is not harmed financially by your illness.
  • Protect other construction workers and their families. A legal case may have a deterrent effect and lead construction employers to take further steps to protect workers from serious silica-related illnesses.

There may be even more advantages to filing a claim and protecting your rights.

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