Edgar Pino worked for Rapid Pump and Machinery Services since April 2013. In late 2014, he was installing equipment at an Amtrak facility in Long Island City that houses the fans that provide ventilation for Amtrak’s tunnels under the East River.

On December 1, 2014, Edgar and co-workers were dispatched to install a stainless steel 400+ pound standpipe enclosure in the Amtrak building’s façade.

Edgar and his co-workers had to unload the enclosure which was delivered by a flatbed truck. Edgar’s co-workers were on the truck and Edgar was on the ground as they attempted to unload the enclosure. No mechanical equipment was used to unload the unit.

During this process, the enclosure tipped and fell on top of Edgar. It crushed his right side causing numerous orthopedic and internal injuries. Edgar was 33 years old at the time of the incident.

After an initial visit to the NYU Hospital emergency room, it was determined that emergency surgery was necessary and he was transported to Bellevue Hospital where he was treated for numerous injuries including:

  • Shattered sacrum.
  • Multiple fractures in both pelvic bones.
  • Fractured left wrist.
  • Severed urethra.
  • Right knee internal derangement.
  • Psychological injury.

On May 31, 2018, Hofmann & Schweitzer obtained compensation for the Pinos in the amount of $2,450,000. With the help of his attorneys, some of the money is being put into an annuity dedicated to pay for the Pino’s children’s education.

Edgar suffered significant injuries while he was doing his job. His future, and the future of his family, were put in jeopardy. While we couldn’t erase his pain or suffering, we were able to help him recover from the serious financial consequences of his injuries and were able to help him face the future with financial certainty.

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