Knee Injury Test ResultsWhether your knee was injured suddenly on a job site or worn down by years of repetitive motion, there is no doubt that your ability to earn a living will be affected. The knee is the largest joint in the human body, and any damage to its normal function can impact both your work and home life—even if you are able to resume employment.

Long-Term Effects of a Construction Knee Injury  

Construction workers put enormous pressure on their joints every day, relying on them to carry heavy weights and navigate through awkward spaces. Before you return to work after a construction injury, you should be prepared for the long-term consequences of your condition.

For example, a knee injury can result in:

  • Lost mobility. The knee is vital for the majority of physical actions, including walking, running, crouching, kneeling, sitting, or even standing still. A construction worker’s limited mobility can result in reassignment to easier, lower-paying duties, or force him or her to retire early.
  • Lifting and carrying restrictions. Proper lifting techniques involve using the legs instead of the back. If a worker’s knee is in pain, he risks damaging his back during lifting and carrying, causing a secondary injury.
  • Aggravation of the injury. If you suffer re-injury or aggravation of a previous condition after returning to work, you may be able to receive temporary workers’ compensation benefits for lost workdays related to the injury.

If your on-the-job knee injury has resulted in chronic pain, arthritis, or forced you to change professions, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits for permanent disability. You could also be owed compensation through a personal injury lawsuit if the accident was caused by a third party’s negligence.

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