If you’ve been injured or if you’ve lost a loved one in a New York or New Jersey maritime accident, then you know that you need help. Your financial and emotional damages are significant. Your life has been changed, and you may be entitled to damages that can help you prevent financial ruin and help you rebuild your life. In order to get the damages that you need to do that, you need a New Jersey and New York maritime lawyer to help you prepare your case, negotiate with the maritime employer, and go to trial if necessary to protect your rights.

How to Choose a Maritime Attorney

It is important to choose the right New Jersey and New York maritime attorney to represent you. Choosing an experienced attorney, who will spare no reasonable expense to help you, who has the drive to help you, and with whom you are comfortable is one of the most important things that you can do to put yourself in a good position to recover damages.

Choose a Maritime Lawyer With Experience

Maritime is a specialized area of law. It is, therefore, important that your attorney have experience as a maritime lawyer. At Hofmann & Schweitzer, our New York City maritime lawyers have decades of experience representing individuals hurt in maritime accidents. Maritime has been a specialty of our firm since our predecessors were practicing law in the 1950s. With each client we represent, we gain knowledge that benefits our future clients.

Consider Your Admiralty Lawyer’s Philosophy

Maritime employers are traditionally aggressive in fighting the claims of injured maritime workers. You need a lawyer who is going to be just as aggressive in fighting for you. The maritime lawyers of Hofmann & Schweitzer spare no reasonable expense in preparing cases. Every case is prepared as if it was going to trial, and we encourage our clients to only accept settlements that are fair and reasonable.

Choose a Maritime Attorney with Whom You are Comfortable

Interview a New York maritime accident attorney before you decide whom to hire. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the attorney and that you can work well together for the duration of your case.

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Call the experienced New York maritime attorneys of Hofmann & Schweitzer today to schedule a meeting to discuss your maritime injury case. We can be reached at 1-800-3-MAY-DAY or via our online contact form.

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