In the days and months following your New York construction accident injury, it is important to be mindful of both your physical injuries and your emotional injuries. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious type of anxiety disorder that can occur after you have been involved in or seen a serious construction accident.

Potential Effects of PTSD

PTSD affects the hormones and chemicals in the body. The impact of PTSD is different for everyone, but for many people who suffer from this condition, the effect is significant. Some people are unable to work, unable to sleep and unable to participate in social events, for example.

PTSD Prognosis After a Construction Accident

Recovery from PTSD depends on a number of factors including how early symptoms were recognized, how early treatment began, the quality of PTSD treatment, and the PTSD sufferer’s support system. With a timely diagnosis and proper treatment, many people with PTSD are able to return to their normal activities. However, it is important to recognize that people who suffer from PTSD are at greater risk for conditions such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse,depressionand ongoing anxiety.

What to Do if You Suffer From PTSD Due to a Construction Accident Injury

If you are experiencing PTSD symptoms after a New York construction accident, it is important to promptly report those symptoms to your doctor so that an accurate diagnosis can be made and so that prompt treatment can begin.

PTSD is a very real condition that has a substantial impact on a person’s life. Accordingly, your New York construction injury lawyer will zealously advocate for your full and complete recovery of any damages related to your PTSD.

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