“In late September 2012 I set sail out of New London Conn. on the Tallship Bounty. We ran into hurricane Sandy off the coast of North Carolina. The ship sank and Sandy took the life of the Captain and another crewmate. While battling the storm I suffered a broken hand and other injuries. In time I hoped my hand would fully heal but the worst thing I suffered was PTSD. PTSD will not show up on an X-ray but it is very real and very debilitating.


The smartest thing I did was to contact Paul Hofmann with the law firm Hofmann & Schweitzer. He and his wonderful staff helped me in getting the medical and psychological help that I needed to start the healing process. Through very intense negotiations with the insurance company, Paul was able to get me a very fair settlement. This money will help me to continue the healing process.


I highly recommend Mr. Hofmann and his very dedicated and talented staff."

Chris B.