ny construction attorneysCranes are vital for the completion of New York construction jobs. Unfortunately, they are also inherently dangerous. It only takes one act of negligence to change your life forever—and the amount paid by workers’ compensation may not be enough to cover your family’s medical bills and lost income.

A Third-Party May Be Liable for Your Crane Accident

Workers can suffer severe injuries in crane accidents, including catastrophic fall injuries or even early death. It is always worth speaking to an attorney after these incidents, as you could hold someone other than your employer liable in a third-party injury claim.

There are many different parties who may be liable for crane accidents, including:

  • Contractors. General contractors have a duty to ensure the site is safe for workers. If the contractor allows an operator to extend the crane boom beyond the manufacturer's specifications, exceed the load capacity, or operate near power lines or in severe weather conditions, they may be held liable for injury costs.
  • Site owners. Even if the site is properly inspected, there may be some potential risks that make crane operation more hazardous. Site owners have a duty to warn of any known conditions on the property—such as uneven ground conditions, sinkholes, and visitors to the site—that could potentially cause injury.
  • Manufacturers. Cranes that are poorly designed, not tested, are not clearly labeled with warnings and instructions, or are damaged during the manufacturing process can be ticking time bombs on a job site. Even if the crane itself is adequate for the job, the maker of its components may be held responsible if faulty rigging, pulleys, hooks, slings, or wire rope led to the injury.

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