Safety inspector on a New York construction site

Safety inspectors have important jobs to do in New York. Safety inspectors are tasked with making sure that construction sites are safe, contractors are in compliance with important safety regulations, and workers are protected from foreseeable dangers.

But Sometimes It’s the Safety Inspector Who Gets Hurts

Our client was performing a safety inspection at a general contractor’s site. During the inspection, the safety inspector noticed that a construction worker was working at an elevation without proper safety gear to prevent a fall accident.

This was a safety violation. The safety inspector did his job and made his way over to address the situation in an effort to remedy the violation and protect the worker.

Unfortunately, as the safety inspector made his way over to the worker, he stepped into an uncovered opening in the floor. The uncovered opening was in the middle of the walking area. When the safety inspector stepped into the uncovered opening, he fell and suffered several injuries including:

  • A fractured rib
  • A hernia
  • A sprained ankle

These injuries kept the safety inspector out of work for three months while he received medical treatment and recovered from his injuries.

Hofmann & Schweitzer Acted Quickly to Help the Safety Inspector Recover

As soon as the safety inspector hired us to help with his injury claim, we got to work protecting his legal rights and recovery. Specifically, our construction injury lawyers:

  • Put the general contractor’s insurance carrier on notice that the safety inspector had been injured.
  • Obtained workers’ compensation benefits for the safety inspector.
  • Successfully argued that the property owner and contractors violated the New York Labor Law by failing to cover or guard floor openings on the job site. This created a dangerous condition and our client suffered serious bodily harm as a result of this dangerous condition.

We were able to settle the safety inspector’s claim without filing a lawsuit. The safety inspector recovered $115,000, and his workers’ compensation lien was reduced. Most importantly, our client was able to make a full recovery for the injuries that he suffered as a safety inspector in New York.

If you have been hurt on a New York construction site, then our experienced New York construction injury lawyers may be able to help you get the fair recovery that you deserve. We will fight to get you the full recovery that you deserve. Contact us online or by phone at 800.362.9329 today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and to learn more about how to protect your financial recovery.


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