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Compensation in third-party construction injury cases is awarded in addition to workers’ compensation benefits, allowing you to collect full value for your injuries. However, they can be difficult to prove and hard to negotiate in settlement talks, so you should definitely have an attorney on your side.

Your Lawyer Is Vital in a Third Party Construction Injury Claim

A third-party claim is a type of lawsuit filed against someone other than an employer whose negligence played a part in your injuries. In construction site accidents, third parties could include general contractors, sub-contractors, equipment operators, property owners, or the manufacturers of defective equipment.

Our attorneys can be invaluable after a construction site injury when it comes to:

  • Getting you the benefit payments you need to survive. New York provides injured workers with guaranteed benefits under workers’ compensation after a construction site injury. You do not have to file a lawsuit or prove that anyone was negligent in order to collect workers’ compensation. However, you will have to meet certain filing and injury reporting deadlines in order to receive payment. We can ensure that you receive your rightful benefits while you are unable to work after an injury on the job.
  • Explaining your rights and options. New York construction is governed by a mix of federal, state, and local statutes. We can determine your rights under both U.S. and NY Labor Laws to find the best way forward for your case.
  • Discovering who was at fault. Construction sites are bustling workplaces, with the potential for numerous people to be named in third-party cases. In addition, an injured construction worker may even be able to directly sue an employer for a work-related injury in New York if the employer was willfully or recklessly negligent, attacked the employee physically, or failed to carry workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Negotiating on your behalf. Workers’ compensation may not be enough to adequately compensate you for your medical expenses, lost wages, and permanent disability. We can calculate your past and future losses, deal with insurance companies and medical bill collectors, and prevent you from saying or doing anything to hurt your claim.

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