No. There is nothing in the Jones Act that requires seamen to give a recorded statement to their employer in order to obtain benefits. In fact, if an employer or insurance company is trying to get you to give a recorded statement then it is very likely that the questioner will try to get you to say something that will hurt, rather than help, your claim.

While our New York and New Jersey maritime accident lawyers encourage seamen who have been injured to promptly report the accident to their employer and to follow all reasonable procedures, we also encourage seamen to be suspicious if a recorded statement is requested.

If your employer, or an insurance company, has requested that you provide a recorded statement, or has insisted that you must provide a recorded statement in order to recover benefits, please contact a New Jersey or New York Jones Act lawyer before you provide such a statement. You can be confident that your employer and the insurance company are being advised by counsel. Give yourself the same benefit before you provide any recorded responses
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