It can be frustrating when an employer withholds important information from you after you’ve been injured at sea. You may be angry that your employer seems adversarial and unwilling to provide you the fair damages that the law allows you to recover for injuries sustained while working on your boat.

You Should be Concerned If Your Employer Won’t Let You See the Report

It could mean that your employer has something to hide. Maybe the report has a different version of the accident than the one you reported, or perhaps the report expresses doubt about the true extent of your injuries. If you do not know these things then you may later be blindsided by your employer during your attempt to recover fair damages.

Get Help Now

You shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of trying to track down a maritime accident report while you are recuperating at Ocean Medical Center or another New Jersey hospital. Instead, you have the right to contact an experienced maritime injury lawyer who can take over the fight for you. While you concentrate on your physical recovery, your lawyer can get a copy of the accident report and take the other steps necessary to protect your legal rights and possible recovery.

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