How can I find out why the safety equipment failed on my ship?

As a seaman, you have the right to work on a reasonably safe vessel, and your maritime employer has a responsibly to keep the ship in a reasonably safe condition. That includes having properly maintained safety equipment on board the vessel every time you are out on New York Bay or the Atlantic Ocean.

If the safety equipment on your vessel failed and you were injured then you may have the right to recover damages pursuant to the Jones Act or another federal maritime law. Damages for your injuries may include compensation for maintenance and cure. In other words, you may be entitled to your living expenses while you are unable to work out on the Atlantic Ocean, and you may be able to have your medical expenses paid up until the time that you reach the maximum medical improvement or cure.

But Why Did the Equipment Fail?

As part of the investigation into your maritime accident, you and your lawyer may look at why the safety vest, life raft, or other piece of safety equipment failed. For example, you might consider whether:

  • The equipment was appropriately inspected and maintained.
  • There was a defect in the manufacturing of the equipment.
  • You and other crewmembers received appropriate training about how to use the equipment.

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