Pain and suffering can be difficult to quantify or even to explain because it is so highly individualized. However, in order to recover financial damages for pain and suffering an injured maritime worker and his New York Jones Act attorney must explain pain and suffering in order to recover damages.

Generally, physical pain and emotional suffering are considered pain and suffering for maritime law purposes. Often, the testimony of a doctor is critical to a seaman’s recovery of damages. A doctor can testify as to the reasonably anticipated future impact of the injury for the worker and how painful the injury may be. Similarly, the worker and the worker’s family and friends may testify to the emotional suffering experienced by the worker and how the physical pain and limitations expected in the future may continue to contribute to that suffering.

Pain and suffering damages are important parts of your legal recovery after a maritime accident. Lawyers in New York can help you understand what is considered pain and suffering after your accident and can help you get the recovery you deserve.

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