If you have a maritime job and you were hurt at sea then you may be wondering if the Jones Act applies to your potential recovery. The Jones Act does not define specific accidents that are covered by the law. For example, the Jones Act does not say that a seaman who slips on deck and breaks a leg can always recover damages. As a result, if you’ve been hurt at sea, it is up to you to figure out whether the Jones Act applies to your case based on the cause of your injury.

The Jones Act: General Rules for Recovery

The Jones Act allows injured seamen to recover damages for injuries that occur because of:

  • The negligence of the employer or another employee
  • A defect or problem with equipment that was caused by the employer

The injury may occur while the seaman is working or while he is living on the boat.

Accidents That May Be Covered by the Jones Act

Some examples of accidents that may be covered by the Jones Act include those caused by:

  • Bad weather that should have been anticipated
  • An assault by another employee
  • Failure to supervise
  • Failure to provide medical assistance promptly
  • Failure to provide appropriate equipment for the job
  • Failure to make sure that equipment is in proper working order

The injuries that may result include:

  • Broken bones
  • Head or brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Muscle, tendon or joint injuries
  • Internal injuries

Of course these lists are not exhaustive. If you have been hurt and have questions about your potential recovery then it is important to consult an experienced Jones Act lawyer as soon as possible. Please start a live chat with us today to learn more.

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