What Should I Do if I Get Hurt on a Cruise Ship?

Sometimes your relaxing getaway or dream vacation turns out to be a stressful nightmare. When you board a cruise ship you have visions of good food, sunny days spent by the pool, and exciting excursions.

However, the possibility for injury also exists. The most common injuries suffered by cruise ship passengers include food poisoning, head and spinal injuries from a fall on deck, and lacerations and other injuries caused by assaults.

If you suffer any of these injuries on a cruise, then it is important to promptly notify the cruise director, an officer on the ship, or the medical doctor on the boat. Ask that a complete investigation take place. If possible, write down the time and location of your accident and note any security cameras in the area, and the identification numbers on those cameras, so that you can request that specific footage be saved.

If you are the victim of an assault, report the incident to the police or U.S. officials at the next port of call. After the injury, contact an experienced New Jersey and New York cruise injury lawyer for more information about your legal rights.