A New York Jones Act Attorney's Advice About Collecting Maintenance and Cure

There are few situations in life where it doesn't matter whether you are the one at fault. Collecting maintenance and cure after a maritime accident is, fortunately, one time where it doesn't matter if you caused your own injury.

The maritime doctrine of maintenance and cure is meant to provide an injured seaman with reasonable living expenses while the seaman can't be on his vessel, and with money to pay medical expenses up to the maximum medical cure so that he can recover from his injuries.

Unlike other maritime laws, a seaman may be able to recover damages even if he caused his own injury. Yet, some maritime employers may not be willing to share that information, or payments, with injured maritime workers.

If you have been hurt in any kind of maritime accident, then it is important to contact a New York Jones Act attorney. A New York Jones Act lawyer understands how the law applies to your situation, will explain your rights to you, and will fight hard to get you the just recovery that you deserve. Please call an experienced attorney at Hofmann & Schweitzer today at 1-800-3-MAY-DAY to learn more about your rights and your potential recovery.