Most people are aware of the common dangers of New YorkChemical Burn Injuries Attorneys New York City construction work like equipment malfunctions, ladder falls and construction vehicle accidents. However, one of the most dangerous aspects of construction work is theinjuries caused by chemicals that construction New York workers use on a day-to-day basis. The various solvents, oxidizers and acids used in construction work can result in serious long-term chemical burn injuries.

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Types of Chemical Injury Cases Our New York Attorneys Handle

Chemical burns in construction injuries can Chemical Burn Injury Attorneyoccur when workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals commonly used in construction materials and processes. Some examples of chemical burn construction injuries in New York inlcude:

Concrete Burns

Are caused by the alkaline nature of wet concrete mixtures. When workers come into contact with wet concrete, it can lead to skin irritation, redness, and chemical burns if not promptly and properly treated.

Paint and Solvent Burns

Workers in construction often handle paints, solvents, and paint thinners. These substances can contain chemicals that cause chemical burns when in contact with the skin. The severity of the burn depends on the specific chemicals involved.

Battery Acid Burns

 Construction equipment and vehicles often use batteries that contain sulfuric acid. Accidental spills or leaks of battery acid can lead to chemical burns if workers are exposed. Battery acid burns can cause severe damage to the skin and require immediate medical attention.

Welding Burns

Welding involves the use of high-temperature processes and can produce sparks and molten metal. If workers are not adequately protected, they can suffer burns from contact with hot metal or sparks, resulting in thermal and chemical burns.

Asphalt Burns

Workers in road construction and roofing may be exposed to hot asphalt materials. Contact with hot asphalt can lead to thermal and chemical burns. These burns can be especially severe due to the high temperature of the material.

Adhesive and Sealant Burns

Construction workers often use adhesives and sealants, some of which may contain chemicals that can cause chemical burns when they come into contact with the skin. These burns can range from mild irritation to more severe injuries.

Corrosive Cleaning Chemical Burns

Cleaning chemicals used in construction, such as industrial cleaners and degreasers, can contain corrosive substances. Accidental exposure to these chemicals can result in chemical burns, with symptoms ranging from skin irritation to severe burns.

Electrolyte Burns from Batteries

In addition to battery acid, workers may come into contact with the electrolytes used in some types of batteries. Electrolyte exposure can lead to chemical burns, and the severity of the burn can depend on the type and concentration of the electrolyte.

Hydraulic Fluid Burns

Hydraulic fluids are commonly used in heavy construction equipment. These fluids can contain chemicals that can cause skin irritation and chemical burns if there is a leak or spill, and a worker is exposed.

Preventing chemical burns in construction requires strict adherence to safety protocols, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), proper handling and storage of chemicals, and worker training on chemical hazards. In case of exposure, immediate first aid and medical attention are essential to mitigate the effects of chemical burns and prevent complications.

It's important for construction workers and employers in New York to prioritize safety by providing proper training, safety equipment, and awareness of potential chemical hazards. In the event of a chemical burn, immediate first aid and medical attention are crucial to minimize the severity of the injury and prevent complications. Additionally, workers should be aware of safety data sheets (SDS) for chemicals used on the construction site to understand the risks and proper handling procedures.

The Serious Nature Of Chemical Burn Injuries

While mild burns are a relatively harmless irritant that are usually healed in short order, serious burn injuries are another matter entirely. Serious burn injuries like those caused by exposure to harmful chemicals on a construction site involve:

Emotional scarring

The shock of a serious accident as well as the loss in quality of life that comes with pain and scarring are very real for burn victims. If you have suffered these forms of severe emotional distress, you deserve to be compensated.

Severe pain

Burns are among the most painful injuries that a person could suffer, and in many cases medication is unsuccessful in easing the severe pain burn injury victims suffer.

Scarring and disfigurement

In most cases, burn injuries result in scarring and disfigurement that lasts a lifetime, often requiring cosmetic surgery and other expensive procedures to alleviate.

Lost wages

Recovery from severe burn injuries can take a long time, and many victims never recover fully. Nerve damage, ongoing pain and other symptoms prevent many burn victims from returning to work.

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