Life after a New York construction accident injury is complicated enough and you don’t want to make things worse. However, if you are undecided about whether or not to report an accident or injury then it is important to read this article. Some common concerns should not keep you from reporting a New York construction accident. Instead, it is important that you protect your rights by reporting the accident and resulting injury.​

Don’t Let These Five Things Stop You From Reporting a New York Construction Accident

The first step in recovering from your injuries is reporting your injuries. Some construction workers are hesitant to report their injuries. However, our experienced New York construction accident attorneys encourage you NOT to let any of these five excuses prevent you from reporting the accident to your employer or to a New York construction lawyer. Specifically, you can report the accident even if:

  • You fear retaliation. Your employer can not retaliate against you for making a claim.
  • You fear the unknown. A lawyer can help you understand what will come next.
  • You are anxious about confrontation. You do not have to confront anyone. Your lawyer can handle negotiations.
  • You do not know your rights. You can be educated about your rights.
  • You have been given bad information. Incorrect information should not determine the outcome of your case.

Failing to report your accident, whether for one of the reasons listed above or for another reason, can be a mistake.​

Call a New York Construction Accident Lawyer

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