There is no way to avoid electricity on construction sites. Whether you are an electrician or any other kind of construction worker, electricity is an everyday reality in all aspects of construction work, making electrical injuries a constant risk. If you have been injured in a construction site electrical accident or lost someone you love to a construction site electrocution, talk with an experienced lawyer about a legal claim.

At Hofmann & Schweitzer, we understand the dangers of construction work and we fight to protect the rights of injured construction workers. Since 1977, we have been representing New York City clients in all types of construction accidents, including electrical accidents. Attorneys from our firm take an aggressive approach, backed by our reputation for successful verdicts and settlements.

We work up every case for trial right from the start. This gives us a tremendous advantage in settlement negotiations, and if your case does go to trial, our lawyers will be ready.

Electrical accidents can result in severe pain, scarring and disfigurement, burn injuries and wrongful death by electrocution. Accidents in electrician jobs and other construction work are all too common. Our attorneys have handled catastrophic electrical accident construction litigation, and we are able to help you through the process to make sure you receive full and fair compensation.

You do not have to shoulder the financial burden of these injuries alone. At Hofmann & Schweitzer, we will uncover the source of liability and fight to get you full and fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages you have sustained.

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