Financial Recovery for Come Along and Chain Hoist Injuries

You are strong, fit, and able to lift heavy things. However, there are situations where the load is too heavy to lift without assistance. As you go about your work on a New York or New Jersey construction site, you may need to use a come along or chain hoist to push or lift heavy items. 

A come along can prevent injuries if it is in good repair and used correctly, but it can also cause severe injuries if an accident occurs. The construction accident lawyers at Hofmann & Schweitzer fight for the rights of injured construction workers. We have been holding employers accountable for nearly five decades. We invite you to read our construction accident case results and client testimonials to learn more about our work and to contact us directly to discuss your potential claim.

How a Come Along Works

A come along is a mechanical lever designed to maximize and multiply your strength when lifting objects. Construction workers may use this equipment to help with heavy lifting. For example, a come along may be used to position scaffolding or raise heavy beams.

A come-along consists of a hand-operated lever that attaches to heavy items by using a ratchet. The items are attached to a chain through the use of hooks. A worker operates the come along by cranking the lever. Then, the machine will lift or move the heavy equipment. Some come alongs are designed to move as much as 4,000 pounds, far beyond what a worker could ever lift on their own. 

Come Along and Chain Hoist Accident Injuries

Come alongs may seem harmless because they are manual, but they can cause serious injuries when something goes wrong, such as:

  • The come along fails, or the hook slips
  • You are struck by the weight of the product being moved
  • The come along is overloaded and fails

These accidents can cause injuries, such as:

  • Concussions
  • Bone fractures
  • Deep gashes
  • Musculoskeletal injuries

Employees may miss time from work and need extensive medical care to treat these injuries. 

New York Construction Employers Have an Obligation to Ensure Workplace Safety

Under New York State Labor Law 241, an employer is obligated to provide a safe working environment at construction sites. This obligation includes providing equipment that is in proper working order. 

Additionally,  12 NYCRR Section 23-6.1 requires that all material hoisting equipment be maintained in good repair and proper operating condition with sufficient inspections to ensure such maintenance, safely operated by trained people, and properly loaded to avoid overload accidents.

Specifically, employers may provide painful come-along accident injuries by:

  • Not overloading the come along with too much weight
  • Knowing the exact amount of weight that you need to lift
  • Ensuring that the come along is in proper working order before using it
  • Properly training employees on the use of a come along, including the correct ergonomics
  • Supervising employees when they are using a come along
  • Using a come along in safe locations 
  • Centering the load properly before pulling

Potential Legal Actions for Come Along Injuries

There are three things that you should do in the immediate aftermath of a come along injury:

  • Report your injury to your employer
  • Get the medical care you need to diagnose and treat your injuries
  • Hire an experienced construction accident lawyer to represent you 

If you have been injured in a come along accident, you may have a workers’ compensation claim, personal injury lawsuit, or product liability lawsuit. Hofmann & Schweitzer could review the facts of your case to help you determine the most effective way for you to receive the compensation you deserve. 

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