Accidents happen frequently on construction sites, but who should assume liability? In most states, the general contractors and foremen in charge of work sites are shielded from liability. Injured workers cannot bring lawsuits against them for on-the-job accidents and injuries. New York takes a better approach, with a set of laws designed to help injured construction workers retain their right to obtain full and fair compensation for injuries suffered on the job.

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Falls And Other Gravity Accidents On Construction Sites

New York Labor Law 240 can be thought of as "the scaffold law" or "the gravity law" when it comes to construction sites. There are numerous laws that regulate accidents and injuries on construction sites, and Labor Law 240 is limited to regulating construction accidents involving falls.

Labor Law 240 has a number of nuances, but the most important point is that it protects the rights of workers who have been injured in construction accidents involving heights by allowing them to bring lawsuits against the general contractors in charge of the construction sites where height-related accidents take place.

This law is unique in that workers' compensation prohibits lawsuits against construction site supervisors in accident claims in most jurisdictions. If you have suffered serious injuries in a ladder fall, scaffold fall or other gravity-related construction accident, we can explore the option of a claim under Labor Law 240 to make sure you obtain full and fair compensation.

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