Stand Down for Construction Falls and Stand Up For Safety

Falls account for about one-third of job-related fatalities in the construction industry. Accordingly, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) it taking action to try to prevent future fall fatalities.

Stand Down for Construction Falls

Recently OSHA held a National Stand Down for Construction Falls campaign as part of the agency’s ongoing effort to prevent construction fall accidents. Here is some of the information you should know about it:

  • Who? OSHA worked with employers, construction workers, industry groups, states, and civic and faith-based organizations.
  • What? The primary message for employers was that safety saves money and that falls are costly. Employers are being urged to pause work during the day to talk about fall prevention.
  • Where? The campaign was held for all construction workers in the U.S. including those in New York City and northern New Jersey.
  • When? The campaign was held from June 2–6, 2014.
  • Why? The purpose of the national stand down was to raise fall awareness among employers and construction workers.

While the campaign may be over, the lessons learned during the campaign should continue.

Stand Up If You Have Lost a Loved One

If you have lost a loved one in a Staten Island residential construction fall or a Manhattan construction accident then you may welcome the efforts of OSHA, but it is too late for those efforts to make a difference to the one you lost.

You have already suffered a tragedy that has changed your family forever. You have already been cheated out of the love and companionship of our spouse, parent or child. Do not let the construction industry take any more from you. Instead, please read our FREE brochure, “/reports/free-guide-for-injured-construction-workers.cfmHurt in a Construction Accident? You’re Not Alone” to learn more about your rights and your possible recovery, and share this article to help make a difference for others in the construction industry.

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